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Effective Mediation Settings To Suit Your Needs

In today’s world, online communications have become commonplace, comfortable and normalized. Mediations and hearings can now take place online through video meeting services. However, there are some benefits and disadvantages to in-person and online mediations. Ultimately, both options have equal effectiveness, and it depends solely on the comfort and preferences of both parties.

At Judge Mediation, I can assist clients in the Los Angeles area with online and in-person mediations. With over 500 mediations and decades of experience under my belt, you can trust me to provide cost-effective and efficient mediation services to help you resolve your legal dispute.

Online And In-Person Mediations: What Is The Difference?

An in-person mediation requires the parties to physically meet in the same place to discuss and resolve their dispute. As the traditional method, live mediations have certain benefits that you cannot get online. For example, when you sit across from someone at the mediation table, you are both in the same environment, putting you at a level playing field comfort-wise. You also have the opportunity to fully see everyone’s body language and nonverbal cues. It is also easier to discuss physical evidence, such as photographs or documents, in a live mediation.

Online mediations are flexible and convenient and allows all parties to participate in the mediation from the comfort of their own home or office. Online mediations are especially useful for those who live far away from each other or physically cannot attend in person. They are also easier to schedule and saves time and money by eliminating travel expenses. In an online mediation, it is still possible to have private digital breakout room session with your attorney, just like in person.

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Live and online mediations have unique advantages and disadvantages but are both equally effective in resolving disputes cost-effectively. I am here to answer your questions and discuss which method may be better suited to you and your case. To schedule a consultation, call me at 818-616-8500 or complete my online contact form. I can help clients across the globe from my Woodland Hills and Valencia offices.