Proven, Professional Assistance in Mediation Matters

Helping You Find The Most Efficient Path Forward

When you need to settle a case quickly and cost-effectively, going to trial is not always your best option. I am attorney Sean E. Judge, and I started my career assisting clients in the Los Angeles area with serious injury, business, commercial and construction law disputes before opening Judge Mediation in 2006. I have served as a mediator or arbitrator in a wide variety of cases and have mediated in over 500 cases.

At Judge Mediation, I provide valuable mediation and alternative dispute resolution services to clients in Woodland Hills and throughout the Los Angeles area and the United States. I have served as an arbitrator since 1994, a Judge Pro Tem since 1997 and a mediator since 2002. Using my wealth of experience, I can help you settle your case.

Saving You Time And Money Through Effective Resolutions

At Judge Mediation, I take the time to thoroughly evaluate your case, starting with a pre-mediation phone call that allows me to gather the relevant information I need. I take the time to explore all avenues and pathways a dispute can take and the consequences of each choice.

I can assist you in settling a wide range of legal disputes through numerous alternative dispute resolution methods, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Business disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Employment disputes

Having worked in the legal community for over three decades, I have built longstanding relationships that allow me to provide valuable mediation services to various clients. In every mediation, I strive for a workable, acceptable solution for both parties. I pay close attention to the needs and concerns of each side and use technology and cost-effective approaches to provide clients with professional service in a timely, client-oriented manner.

Learn More About How I Can Help You Find A Resolution

With over 35 years of litigation experience and a deep understanding of civil law, you can trust me to accurately assess your case and promote an acceptable resolution for both sides. I view the components of every case holistically, and I am selective about which cases I work on. This allows me to spend more time and attention on each case. To learn more about how I can assist you, call me at 818-616-8500 or send me a message online. With offices in Woodland Hills and Valencia, I can help clients no matter where they are.