Proven, Professional Assistance in Mediation Matters

A Cost-Effective Alternative To Settle Your Legal Dispute

Taking your case to trial can be an expensive, time-consuming and overwhelming process. Luckily, there are other ways to settle a legal dispute. Alternative dispute resolution is a private and inexpensive process that allows parties to come to a settlement outside of the courtroom.

At Judge Mediation, I have over two decades of experience assisting clients in the Los Angeles area to avoid lengthy and expensive trials. I have served as an arbitrator since 1994, a Judge Pro Tem since 1997 and a mediator since 2002. As a solo practitioner, I am able to take on fewer cases, giving me more time to devote to each mediation. With over 500 mediations completed, you can trust me to provide a cost-effective and comfortable experience.

Resolving Your Case Through Mediation Or Arbitration

There are two alternative dispute resolution methods with which I can assist you. In mediation, I act as a neutral third party to help both parties come to an acceptable agreement. In arbitration, both parties present their arguments and evidence, and I submit a decision on the legal dispute. Arbitration is often the next step when mediation does not resolve the dispute.

I can assist you in settling a variety of legal disputes, including cases involving:

  • Personal injury dispute resolution
  • Business dispute resolution
  • Construction dispute resolution
  • Real estate dispute resolution
  • Employment dispute resolution

Whether your case requires mediation or arbitration, the private dispute resolution process begins the same way. When you first contact me, I begin work to gather all relevant information so that I can properly evaluate your claim. I take the time to follow up with you and consider every possible pathway to a resolution.

Helping You Stay Out Of The Courtroom

Alternative dispute resolution comes with many benefits that can save you valuable time, money and stress. If you think that you could benefit from mediation or arbitration, contact me today to discuss your case and learn more. You can reach me by calling 818-616-8500 or by completing an online contact form. With offices in Woodland Hills and Valencia, I can help clients no matter where they are.