Proven, Professional Assistance in Mediation Matters

How I Can Help You Settle Your Case

The idea of taking your legal dispute to court can be overwhelming, and many people want to avoid a lengthy and expensive trial. At Judge Mediation, I can help clients in the Los Angeles metro area settle cases without involving a judge, jury or trial through alternative dispute resolution.

With decades of experience in litigation, civil law and alternative dispute resolution under my belt, I know how to approach opposing parties to help them come to an agreement through mediation. My experience includes serving as an arbitrator since 1994, a Judge Pro Tem since 1997 and a mediator since 2002. With over 500 mediations behind me, you can trust my process to help you move forward.

Creating A Resolution Mindset

I take mediation preparation seriously. From our first conversation, I work toward resolution. Before stepping into the mediation room, I ensure that I have a thorough and detailed review of the information and evidence. By putting in the work beforehand, we have already started the process, and the mediation is more of a continuation of discussions that have already taken place.

On The Difference Between Online an In Person Mediation – again – the writing is still really bad. I had gone through this with Kelly, and am somewhat disappointed it remained this way:

Online And In-Person Mediations: What Is The Difference?

In-person mediation requires in person participation and attendance at the same office. As the traditional method, live mediations. Face-to-face interactions between the mediator and the parties have their own unique dynamic that often allows for the better observation of body language and nonverbal cues. Being face-to-face with the parties is simply a different physical dynamic then viewing them online.

Online mediations also allow for face-to-face interactions, but they are different when they happened over a desktop, laptop or even smart phone. Online mediations also allow the parties to participate 20  from the comfort of their own home or office. They are especially useful for those who live far away from each other or physically cannot attend in person. I have conducted mediations and locations as far away as China, Kuwait and Israel . Online mediations allow for  flexible scheduling at different times of the day or night. Breakout rooms are simply virtual, rather than having the parties be placed in different conference rooms or offices to ensure confidentiality.